Restoration, Purification and Sanctification of the Church of Cameroon

the vision

Repent Cameroon is a group of God serving people with a deep yearning for a powerful spiritual revival in Cameroon, before the return of the Lord Jesus-Christ.

The core vision is to seek the purification, sanctification and restoration of the Church of Cameroon through: sermons, teachings, out-reaches, conferences, media outlets (radio, TV, Internet, newsprint, etc...) and other actions.

In that regard, a national conference for the church of Cameroon, with prophet David Owuor as guest speaker and bringing together thousands of pastors, has been organized from 14th to 16th February 2014. The main objectives of the conference are the following:

  • Powerful prophetic declarations for the spiritual transformation of Cameroon
  • Restoration, purification and sanctification of the Church of Cameroon
  • Reinstatement of the authority of the Holy Church of Cameroon towards the nation in general, and the political and administrative authorities in particular